About us

Company Profile

Cuberious Limited is a business company selling furniture via the internet. Though we are not a manufacturer, we exert utmost control on the manufacturing process of these products. Upon order, we directly commission the producer to individually manufacture the pieces of furniture, which allows us to forego the margins of intermediaries. We pass this advantage on to our customers. We have many of our top-selling products manufactured for stock, so as to ensure a timely delivery.


Our Philosophy

We have a clear mission. Design for the people at competitive prices. You are going to find designer-made pieces of furniture in nearly any film or advertisement. We want you to have access to such products – at reasonable prices. The manual production of high-grade products has become one of the most cost-inducing parts of any manufacturing process. But some of the more basic parts of a piece of furniture can and will be preproduced by using machines. By optimizing such simple processes, we have skipped intermediaries and are happy to hand the benefits to our customers. What matters is the journey, not the destination – and we look forward to your company.


Our Prices

Even though we use exclusively quality materials, we calculate our prices in a way allowing them to be in line with the market.

Generally, end prices are composed of a variety of costs, such as for: development / materials / manufacturing / packaging / shipping / wholesale / intermediaries / distribution / marketing and advertisement / logistics / business / labour / overhead / and other additional costs.

Most frequently, such extra costs reduce the material’s share of costs for end users to a mere one-tenths. Our clean assortment, optimized logistics and efficient distribution channels allow us to deliver the products at the prices shown on our website.


Our Products

Despite of the difference in price to the original product we, strife to meet the highest standards of quality. Trained personnel are present at the production site already prior to the start of the production, monitor the manufacturing process and the quality and end control of every single piece of furniture. A final check is scheduled directly after the packaging of the item. Once this is done and we have made sure that the packaging material is going to be stable and secure enough to perfectly protect the goods, we will be ready to let go.


Know your rights!

The purchase of our products is legal. Countries like Germany and Denmark have strict copyrights that, like Germany, protect copyright for a particular design for a period of 90 years. This does not apply to Spain. The Spanish legal system has a similar construction but limits the period to 25 years. For this reason, Spanish law allows us to reproduce such furniture and import it here into the EU. You as Europeans are allowed to buy goods anywhere in Europe and import them into your EU country. You may also buy goods that are governed by Spanish law. When you place an order, you will not violate any copyright laws or similar rules.



We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers. We only use materials of the highest grades – something we take pride in accomplishing despite the sometimes enormous differences in prices to original products – and also take great care in saving the environment. We like to see our products living up to your standards. We also place great value on the durability of our products. As far as possible, we long-time test the ability of our products to meet the demands of daily use and wear, so as to prepare them for a long and sustained life. Price, quality and durability are dependent on each other.


The Market

The furniture market is very competitive. When checking the internet, you will find myriads of websites, all trying to sell similar or even identical products. But that is how things are. Any niche marked, such as the one we serve, appeals to both entrepreneurs and money-makers; what you get for your money truly makes the difference. But a handicraft work is not always handicrafts. If you use, for instance, cheap or inferior materials, you will most likely have to pay less. The product may look the same, but it differs from high-grade goods. We are not up to competing with others. We would rather convince you of our outstanding performance. Look for yourself and check out the products and services of other suppliers on the market – we would be happy to eventually welcome you as our new and valued customer.