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Other Designers

The other Designers…

Design usually means design or shaping. It is a loanword from English, which in turn is derived from the Latin designare '(be) draw', and has entered many languages. Design includes a multitude of aspects and goes beyond the purely external form and color design of an object, cf. Disegno. In particular, design also includes the designer's engagement with the function of an object and its interaction with a user. In the design process, it is thus possible to influence the function, operability and service life of an object, which is particularly relevant in the design of industrially manufactured products.

Some designers are famous for an idea. For a great idea. A spectacular appearance. A lightning that illuminates the shelves of our department stores at times brightly. Accompanied by the clap of thunder that hits us deep in the pit of your stomach, when we realize that there has been a touch on a point that has something to do with us and our present right now. Some designers succeed in this litter, the grip on a star.

Some designers are famous for their ideas. For the fact that they always come up with something funny, shrill, oblique. They know how to tickle the media attention regularly. They provide us with brilliant pictures and shallow stories. They sing the entertaining song of the entertainers. We like to be amused by them ... and then there are designers for whom the idea is the inappropriate, the inappropriate category. When we talk about the idea, it always resonates with the Western myth of inspiration and creativity: the “heureka” moment that falls to genius because it is given to him by his muse as a divine gift. But there were and are designers who have emancipated themselves from this myth. It is these designers who ask questions over and over again. They ask the right questions about the things to be designed. We recognize the quality of their questions because they always revolve around man and his dealings with things, his applications and his desires in his, in our presence. These can be questions about sitting in different situations, for casually turning off a glass, for temporary storage or for final discarding, questions for viewing an exhibit.

With their panorama they give us the insight, all-round view and view of their view of things. It is certainly not a cuddly, supple and compliant-docile world of things.

The universe that designers are spreading before us is in limbo. It only depends on what we do with it. There are these designers. Make a list, which designer counts. Here you will find a selection of the best - Unfortunately, we simply just can´t dedicate a separate category to each, even if we would like to do so. We honor the variety of all presented Designers here in this category ....

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