Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin

Pierre P. (1927-2009)

Boasting a revolutionary style, designer Pierre Paulin is responsible for creating a wealth of style icons that continue to be celebrated to this day. Born in Paris in 1927, Paulin captured the world’s imagination with innovative pieces that showcased his signature line of vision.

A pioneering designer of the 20th century, Pierre Paulin’s interpretation of abstract and simplicity is considered as one of the most expressive representations of Modernist design.
The Parisian product and furniture designer is lauded for pushing the creative barriers within his works, celebrated in numerous exhibitions on a global scale. A continued inspiration to contemporary design, Pierre Paulin blends a range of styles whilst realising his unique vision, such as Modernist forms, Pop Art mechanism and even traces of psychedelic colour and shapes.

Having been personally chosen to design the Office of then French President François Mitterrand, Pierre Paulin received the prestigious grand prize of National Industrial Design in 1987.

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