Poul Volther

Poul Volther

Poul Volther (1918-2001)

Poul Volther came from a school of architects that drew their inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement where the manufacturing process was as important as the end product. He championed functionalism and railed against fads and aesthetic smartness.

His training was mainly at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts from where he graduated as a master cabinet-maker. As a fellow of the Danish School of Art and Design he installed the emphasis of craft quality on generations of Danish designers.

His most famous design was the Corona Chair (EJ5). Appearing almost transparent, it effortlessly blends in with its surroundings.

The four upholstered elliptical shells give maximum support for the body and associats to both the spinal column and ribs of the human anatomy. Initially manufactured by Erik Joergensen, the Corona chair received widespread acclaim when it was first launched in 1964. Since then the chair has been shown in a wide variety of fashion features, film and music videos. It was the seating used by the European heads of state during the EU summit in Copenhagen, December 2002.

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