Here at CUBERIOUS, we believe that modern designer furniture should be widely available for everybody. Furniture pieces that would otherwise only be seen in galleries and design museums are now within reach.

CUBERIOUS has been bridging the gap between high-end furniture and individuals who appreciate sleek, modern designs. As a new company, we were determined to create designer furniture with the same careful construction and longevity as the original pieces; we were able to achieve this goal by removing resellers and expensive showrooms from our business plan.

Our vision quickly transformed into a wildly successful business. We have developed direct, long-term relationships with our manufacturers, and advances in factory technology have allowed us to produce beautiful, modern furniture designs at a substantially lower price. We are able to use the highest quality materials, never settling for average or merely adequate. Instead, we are committed to bringing you—our loyal customer—legendary, timeless pieces. We are looking at a connection that has been there for more than a decade.



How similar are CUBERIOUS’s products to the originals?

We strive to make all of our furniture to the same specifications as the originals. The materials we use - such as genuine Classic leather and Stainless steel - are also comparable to the original design. The pictures we show on our website, are always of our own beautiful replicas - what you see is what you get.

What is the difference between premium leather and classic leather?

Although both types of leather are immersed in vats of aniline dye, which penetrates the hide so that the colour permeates all the way through the material, premium leather receives no further treatment after dyeing. It has to dry over some days without any chemical or physical support. Through this, it remains very soft and has a highly natural appearance that only improves with age. Over time, it develops a beautiful patina.

Leather in general is as fragile as the human skin surface.

On classic leather, a deep scratch can possibly leave “white” stripes. You can only make these disappear again by treating the leather with a similar leather color to “fill up” the scratch again. With classic leather, a clear, protective coating is applied to the top of the hide after the initial dyeing process. This makes the leather resistant to stains and fading. Classic leather is more hard-wearing than pure premium leather, making it a good choice for everyday use.

How is it possible to sell the products so cheap?

We are able to sell replica furniture items at a lower price point due to our streamlined process. Originals are expensive due to the fact that manufacturers are required to pay a licensing fee to designers or their estates. In turn, they have a longer, more complicated supply chain. Well-known, more expensive brands also inflate prices based on brand name prestige. You could assume you pay for the name…
CUBERIOUS is able to offer affordable furniture by opting out of expensive showrooms to display our designer products. We sell luxurious, modern furniture pieces for up to 90% off the original price.

Do you have recommendations from other customers?

CUBERIOUS takes great pride in bringing joy to our customers through our iconic furniture pieces and excellent customer service.

What is the quality of your products?

We are dedicated to delivering only high-quality pieces. In order to accomplish this, our skilled craftsmen use sturdy, aesthetically pleasing materials just as beautiful and functional as the original designers intended them to be.

What materials are your products made of?

Just like the original furniture manufactures, we use absolute high-quality Italian leathers and wool sorts, imported from fx the country of Denmark or some other European countries.

What is your product guarantee?

Our top priority at CUBERIOUS is customer satisfaction, so we’re pleased to provide a five-year guarantee covering manufacturing faults on our products. Be assured that we always attempt to solve your claims as efficiently as possible, usually with a part or full refund, depending on the fault.

Our five-year guarantee is valid on all CUBERIOUS products purchased after 1st March 2019 with the exception of clearance products. Any purchases before this date are covered by our standard two-year guarantee.

Do you have a showroom?

In an effort to offer affordable products, we opt out of expensive showrooms. We save customers money by cutting out middlemen and providing designer furniture directly from our state-of-the-art factory.

How is the furniture packed?

Once our furniture is produced, carefully inspected, and checked one final time, each piece is carefully packed to ensure its safe arrival. Take comfort in knowing that your item will be well-protected and packaged with care. Our top priority is your complete satisfaction, so each step is meticulously executed, from your furniture’s production in our cutting-edge factory to our stringent packaging process.

Is the furniture assembled?

Our products are created by a team of skilled craftsmen in our factory. Your furniture will mostly arrive fully assembled. Ready to enjoy in your home or business space. Note - some fx lighting does require minimal assembly.



How do I place an order?

Ordering from CUBERIOUS is as easy as a click of a mouse, and thousands of customers agree! On our website, select a material and colour, and specify the number of items needed. Once you’ve reviewed your selection(s), simply click the “Buy” button. Or if you are unsure what material will meet your demand, please order some material samples and after you hold these in hands, make your final decision. Furniture stay close to you in your home form some years, chose carefully is important.

Next, you will be directed to your Shopping Basket. Here, you will have the option to Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout. At this point, enter your details. The entered information can also be used to create an account, if you wish.

Then, simply choose your method of payment and carefully review your order. Make any necessary changes and click on the Proceed to Checkout option.

Complete your order by following these three easy steps:

Provide your contact information and the payment method you wish to use.
Enter your payment information.
Review the order confirmation for your purchase. If you chose to pay by credit/debit card, your order is complete. Please note that payment will be processed immediately.
If you have any questions regarding your order, we invite you to contact us.

What happens after I place my order?

Once you’ve placed an order on our website, you will be sent an order confirmation. This confirmation will include information regarding the product(s) you purchased, the price you paid etc.
Once your order is available at our warehouse, you will be contacted by our customer service team. If you have any questions or simply want an update in the meantime, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

What is the lead time of your products?

We're committed to perfectly reproducing iconic designs. Each product is made especially for you—to your specifications—and will undergo rigorous quality control checks throughout the production and delivery process.

Our process is thorough and complex, which means lead-times can vary depending on the product. We want to ensure that you are delighted with your order, so we take care to produce the highest-quality items for our customers. Below is a breakdown of the average stages involved in our delivery process.

1. Order sent to our factory Week 1
2. Your beautiful items are carefully handmade to your requests Weeks 2 - 8
3. The first quality check takes place and your order is shipped Weeks 8 - 9
4. Your order arrives at our warehouse and a second quality check takes place Weeks 10 - 16
5. You or your chosen delivery company can collect your furniture Complete.

*Please note this breakdown is an estimation only. Times may vary*

I received the wrong product. What do I do?

According to our terms and conditions, you must verify that your product is correct before signing the product receipt. We encourage customers to check their orders carefully, as no action will be taken by CUBERIOUS SrL once the product receipt is signed.

How do I amend my address / contact details?

You can change your address and/or contact information easily by contacting us.

How do I return an order?

All of our items are custom made to your exact specifications. Because of this, these orders fall outside the Distance Selling Regulations (2000) which states that personalized goods or goods made to a consumer’s specification are exempt.

What happens if an order is delayed?

We require our factories to perform quality checks on every single piece, as opposed to the typical furniture industry standard of 10% of items. If for some reason your order doesn’t pass our thorough quality control process, we will immediately begin production of a replacement product at no cost to you. And because we value your business, we’re happy to offer you a discount voucher to use on a future purchase.

What is the delivery time of my order?

Roughly we always can depend on 10-16 weeks. Some facts like holidays or other issues can have influence on the date. Some of the items travel more than 10.000 KM around the world before they reach their final destination. Unfortunately, there are tons of minor or even major issues that can happen on the way. If the vessel fx just arrives one hour behind schedule at the harbour, the ship might have to wait 24 hours for the next unloading slot. It is a chain reaction that can delay in the end up to a week before you might have the ordered goods in hands.

I want to add another product to my order. How do I do that?

We would be happy to assist you in changing your order. Please be advised, however, that as our products are made-to-order, we cannot change an existing order. A new order will have to be placed on our website for any additional products.

A part of my product broke. Can I buy spare parts from you?

Unfortunately, CUBERIOUS does not offer spare parts for our products at this time.

What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is our method to massively shorten the delivery time for selected products.
Operations, which usually take place one after the other, are executed in parallel.
You will receive your product within 30 calendar days from receipt of payment.



When will I be charged for my order?

Cuberious pays our factory in advance of order production, so your payment method will be processed immediately after you’ve placed your order.

Do you offer discounts?

CUBERIOUS is proud to produce only custom items that won’t break the bank. Our methodical design and production process does not allow for further discounts unless you buy a quantity above 10 pieces of the same product in exactly the same configuration. In that case, please contact us before buying.

Do you offer discounts for trade?

Our team members are ready to help transform your office, restaurant, or other bespoke space with our luxury furniture pieces. Thinking of transforming your own space? We’re just an email away.

I just received confirmation that you have approved my refund. When will I receive it?

All refunds are processed within 28 days as per our terms and conditions.



What happens when my order arrives at the warehouse?

When your order arrives, you will receive an email from Cuberious or directly from our warehousing provider.

How long does it take from there?

Mostly, we do calculate for our delivery time to you, that it might take up to 10 working days from Ireland to reach out to the position where they are going to make people happy, all across Europe of course.

Does Cuberious deliver to my home address?

The copyright laws for the retail of replica furniture do not allow facilitated delivery of products to customers, therefore we are not legally permitted to deliver orders directly to our customers, outside of our warehouse in Ireland. CUBERIOUS is, and has always been, a company with a mission to provide our customers with affordable designs within the legal framework of these copyright laws. This is reflected in our product prices and therefore we do not charge for delivery on our website.

We will help to arrange a direct contact between you and the supplier company.

The prices will still show the included delivery price. We are working on a more stable solution actually.