Why can CUBERIOUS guarantee competitive prices?

Our customers often ask us how we can offer such great prices without compromising on quality. We constantly source the best materials, aiming to secure the best prices to pass down to you. We also cut out the middleman, connecting you directly to the manufacturers, keeping prices at an affordable level and making beautiful design accessible to all.

Even though we use exclusively quality materials, we calculate our prices in a way allowing them to be in line with the market.
Generally, end prices are composed of a variety of costs, such as for: development / materials / manufacturing / packaging / shipping / wholesale / intermediaries / distribution / marketing and advertisement / logistics / business / labour / overhead / and other additional costs.

Most frequently, such extra costs reduce the material’s share of costs for end users to a mere one-tenths. Our clean assortment, optimized logistics and efficient distribution channels allow us to deliver the products at the prices shown on our website.