The Swan Sofa

Inspiriert von Arne Jacobsen
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A beautiful design, made identical to the original.

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The story about the dowdy unknown ugly duckling that became the most beautiful swan is given a new lease of life in this version of Arne Jacobsen’s Swan design.

One has become two, and the fact that it can be enjoyed by two people merely doubles its beauty.

From a design standpoint, the Swan was originally launched as a chair, but that is no reason not to expand the flock of birds with this more accommodating sofa.

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Weitere Informationen
Item No. SOF021
Year of Design: 1958
Designed by: Arne Jacobsen
Frame made of: Fiberglass
Made of: Stainless Steel Frame, Fiberglass, PU Foam upholstry
Finish: Matt surface
Filling Material: PU Foam
Care instructions: Vacuum clean the furniture thoroughly, make sure to use the soft brush attachment (leather scratches easily).
Do always move furniture by lifting. Dragging or pushing can damage fixings and affect stability.
Cubic meter G: 1.04 m²
Product Measurement (L x D x H): 140cm x 75cm x 85cm
Seating Height: 43 cm
Package Measurement (L x D x H): 145cm x 80cm x 90cm
Package Weight: 28 KG
Numbers of Cartons: 1
Cubic meter G: 1.04 m²
Assembled: Partly Assembled

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971)

A career encapsulated by flirting between controversy and art nouveaux genius, Arne Jacobsen established global infamy by combining modernist ideals with a Nordic love of naturalism. Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Jacobsen secured an education at the Royal Academy of Arts in his homeland, drawing all future inspiration with the study of leading architects and designers of that era.

Despite elements of opposition towards avant-garde principals and idiosyncrasies within his architecture, Jacobsen is most decorated for his work within interior, furniture, textile and porcelain design - praised for a clear styling and the successful combination of form and function. There can be no greater compliment paid than the sheer fact that some of the Dane’s work received classic status during his lifetime, reaching cinematic acclaim with the use of his pieces in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Arne Jacobsen’s use of propelled curves in minimalist fashion earned his furniture countless awards, including the 1968 International Design Award from the American Institute of Interior Designers, the 1967 ID-prize from the Danish Society of Industrial Design and the 1957 Milan XI Triennale in Italy.

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